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For us learning is an intellectual, emotional and social process through which knowledge, capabilities, behaviour, values and insights are won. The core competency of OLAT lies in support of learners and tutors in this process independent of place and time, both as individuals or within groups.  Our vision is therefore based on the principle that knowledge is to be shared and that the sharing of knowledge should be simple, everywhere, any time and for everyone.  This finds expression in the usability of our application together with the increasingly mobile orientation of our services.

OLAT is designed for large institutions and can be embedded smoothly into their infrastructures. The University of Zurich (UZH) together with its didactic heterogeneity sets our overall terms of reference. Our source code is freely available at no cost and we welcome exchanges of ideas with the Open Source Community.

Quality, security, stability, usability and performance together with a service oriented architecture that is scalable, available as well as simple to install and maintain are all a matter of course for us.

Our team culture is based on agile software development practices that results in the implementation of requirements that deliver value to our students and tutors.