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How can one assess users with the OLAT LMS?

It is easy to create and manage online assessments with different purposes. For example you can ask questions in various formats (Single choice, Multiple choice, Kprim or Gap text) and give feedback (correct answers, hints) to the participants. This Test element also has an assessment-free version available, the so-called Self-test, which gives your users the chance to prepare themselves for an exam-like situation.

On a bigger scale OLAT allows you to hand out a Task to a group of users. Simply assign a single work or a set of to dos, provide a drop and a return box, and configure deadlines within one OLAT course element. To assess all users clearly you have an easy to use assessment tool with table export options, which makes it simple to additionally handle scores externally. To have a good overview within the system, users can access their Evidences of achievement right at their Home.

In order to focus on the users needs at this point: Today many people are in need of building up a portfolio of their achievements. For this you can benefit from the Portfolio task. With this course element you can assign specific work to do, e.g. to create a wiki entry, take care of a forums thread, and many more. If you want to support and assess a participants work like a thesis, the element Topic assignment gives you much help to handle this task.

Today the University of Zurich routinely conducts live assessments of several hundreds of students at a time using OLAT!