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It's easy to inform inside and outside of OLAT in different ways.

Within the course you can offer static or dynamic content: Simply set up Single pages with plain text or based on HTML, link to or embed external pages, as well as implement standardized exchange formats. Content can also be provided in any format as a download from a Folder and as an audio or video file through the Podcast. Not to mention the Wiki or the Forum as collaborative content tools. You don't have to create all content on your own, just involve your participants! If you wish to inform more in a news like way, you can choose a Blog or the Notifications element.

Additionally users can receive notifications which are sent to them directly via a personal contact form, as part of your course and learning group administration, or through the Notifications element of your course. Users can also choose to subscribe to specific course elements and will be notified when changes are taking place. All these notifications can be easily accessed by the users in an overview page or being received as an e-mail.

Besides the courses you can establish project or learning groups, with which you can make use of most of the above mentioned content tools to inform your users in different ways.